Brand women's clothing from Vera Reshetnikova

Let’s speak a little bit about the creator and mastermind whose efforts helped the brand women's clothing in Ukraine gain another beautiful name which is Verynje. It is logical that her name is Vera and Verynje is a derivative of this name in the French manner.

That's what Vera Reshetnikova tells about herself:

Passion, hobby, space for study and fertile ground for improvement are the concepts that help me to describe my creative project "Verynje". But I honestly confess of not having vocational education in sewing, there is only a secondary artistic education, I graduated from Repin Art School with honors. Also I have musical education. I acquired higher education in Yaroslav Mudryi Law Academy. Lawyer is the world's only form of activity which weather like it or not permeates all spheres of life and makes the person very quickly delve into their essence. Also I put a lot of effort into my work as a journalist in the magazine "SHIKoLAD", numerous interviews with prominent personalities, advertising projects and opinion pieces "About everything". I plan to publish some of them in the near future on this site in the section "Blog". I think that way you can get to know me because I'm very honest in them. Reading between the lines, you can understand my position in life and main life principles.

Exclusive women's clothing from TM Verynje

How come that I began to think about creating my brand of women's clothing?

No, it is not the act of self-assertion and self-admiration. It’s a passion which took shape of the idea of creating a brand of stylish women's clothing Verynje. A number of things sewn on my sketches were always present in my wardrobe, and a passion for improving the ready-made things was always there. Often after my modifications the mediocre cloth from the mass market was hard to identify, so the question "Where did you buy it?" sounded almost all the time.

Quite by chance (and, in fact, all the important events in our lives happen by chance) I started to work at a professional level with a staff of highly skilled tailors, seamstresses, knitters, embroiderers. I want to say special thanks to these girls, because it is due to their industriousness and mastery the ideas of dresses, shirts, coats, jackets, skirts and blouses are reflected in reality. Through trial and error we achieve brilliant results. Also thanks to them now I understand all the intricacies of sewing. Well, almost all, because there is no limit to perfection.

Exclusive women's clothing from brand Verynje will help you to be bright and unique everywhere!